Management and Consulting

SERVICESManagement and Consulting

Our experienced team of consultants are ready to help.

Our consultants are all nationally certified and multi state licensed Medical Technologists that have worked the bench and held supervisory or director roles. Their lab knowledge can only benefit your lab and set it apart from the rest. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable test results for your patients, which can only come from a lab that strives for quality and compliance.

 Whether you need a lot of help or a little bit, Native Lab Services offers a variety of management and consulting services for you to choose from. 

Service options:

  • Full Laboratory Management
  • Ongoing Monthly Compliance
  • Technical Supervisor Services
  • Lab Director Placement
  • Pre-inspection audit
  • Annual or semi-annual audit
  • Post-inspection corrective actions
  • On-call consulting
  • SOP packages
  • QA packages
  • Customized services