Molecular Diagnostics


The perfect addition for your growing laboratory.

The Power of Real Time PCR Testing 

Native Lab Services series of FAST assays harness the power of Real Time-PCR testing to provide clinical insights to the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. This innovative and highly effective diagnostics process allows you to treat every patient with greater accuracy and experience exceptional outcomes in less time, which ultimately results in improved patient recovery.

See the Advantages of Molecular Diagnostics…

Molecular Diagnostics 

  • Quick and painless sample collection
  • High sensitivity and specificity allows for the detection of a wide spectrum of pathogens
  • Test results typically available in 24 hours
  • Analysis not affected by current antibiotic use

vs Traditional Culture

  • More susceptible to sample collection errors
  • Infectious biofilms do not always recapitulate in culture
  • Requires a minimum of 1-2 weeks to isolate individual pathogens
  • Analysis affected by current antibiotic use

We offer the following panels to serve the community:


Respiratory infections are commonly caused by viral or bacterial pathogens. While symptoms can be similar, it is important to identify the source of infection to optimize treatment.


Quickly identify bacterial or fungal infection source, including antibiotic-resistant strains from a single urine sample


Assessing GI health with proper diagnostic technology can help physicians determine the root cause of gastrointestinal illness.


Fast, accurate results allows patients (and their partners) to receive treatment sooner.


Quickly identify infectious source (viral, bacterial or yeast) to streamline diagnoses, provide proper treatment and improve women’s health.