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START UPBuilding Your Laboratory

Native Lab Services is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you have a build out plan in mind or are looking for guidance, our team can help make your vision a reality.

Our team has experience in building all types of laboratories across the country. We provide a customized experience to determine your goals and objectives. Below are some of the items included in the process.

What we help with:

  • Location and build-out
  • Paperwork for regulatory and compliance agencies
  • Instrumentation and equipment selection
  • Test menu customization
  • Staff placement
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Quality Assurance program
  • LIS and interface selection
  • Billing

SERVICESManagement and Consulting

Our experienced team of consultants are ready to help.

Whether you need a lot of help or a little bit, Native Lab Services provides a variety of services for you to choose from.

Service options:

  • Full Laboratory Management
  • Technical Supervisor
  • Pre-inspection audit
  • Annual or semi-annual audit
  • Post-inspection corrective actions
  • On-call consulting
  • SOP packages
  • QA packages
  • Customized services

MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICSPhysician Office Laboratory - For Podiatrists

In-office RT-PCR testing provides fast turn around times giving your patients the best care possible.

The use of molecular methods in microbiology have changed the way we perform cultures. The use of RT-PCR vs traditional culture provides faster turn around times, which allows you to treat your patients sooner.

Native Lab Services provides the expertise to help create on-site laboratories. As your partner, we align our turn-key lab solutions with your practice, so you can leverage the benefits from handling state-of-the-art molecular-based testing. We guide you in establishing lab protocols and obtaining molecular panels and assays so you can soon be testing on-site. Additionally, our experts can assist in configuring TaqMan® cards or OpenArray™ plates to increase target count while decreasing costs per sample.

Revenue Management – GROW YOUR BUSINESS

Our podiatry lab solutions can help enhance revenue and keep more of it in-house. Aside from maximizing billing and revenue for your practice, you may also save costs and time by eliminating the need to send your specimens to a reference laboratory.

Patient Benefit – EXPERT GUIDANCE

Your focus is to improve patient care, and we are here to help. When you leverage your on-site molecular laboratory, patients benefit from faster sample turnaround times and streamlined reporting access, to aid in the diagnosis and management of infection.

Physician-Owned – ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

Keep your business—yours. To grow and expand your practice we help create a laboratory that you own. Your physician’s office and staff control and operate the laboratory 100%. Where NLS assumes no lab ownership, we take pride in working together over the life of the contract to ensure your lab is a success.

Podiatry panels available:


Molecular identification of pathogenic fungal strains allows for more in-depth examination resulting in better informed personalized treatments.


Molecular diagnostics can detect pathogens and antibiotic resistance markers, allowing personalized medicine methods for wound care.

Any of the panels can be customized for your patient’s care.


The perfect addition for your growing laboratory.

The Power of Real Time PCR Testing 

Native Lab Services series of FAST assays harness the power of Real Time-PCR testing to provide clinical insights to the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient. This innovative and highly effective diagnostics process allows you to treat every patient with greater accuracy and experience exceptional outcomes in less time, which ultimately results in improved patient recovery.

See the Advantages of Molecular Diagnostics…

Molecular Diagnostics 

  • Quick and painless sample collection
  • High sensitivity and specificity allows for the detection of a wide spectrum of pathogens
  • Test results typically available in 24 hours
  • Analysis not affected by current antibiotic use

vs Traditional Culture

  • More susceptible to sample collection errors
  • Infectious biofilms do not always recapitulate in culture
  • Requires a minimum of 1-2 weeks to isolate individual pathogens
  • Analysis affected by current antibiotic use

We offer the following panels to serve the community:


Respiratory infections are commonly caused by viral or bacterial pathogens. While symptoms can be similar, it is important to identify the source of infection to optimize treatment.


Quickly identify bacterial or fungal infection source, including antibiotic-resistant strains from a single urine sample


Assessing GI health with proper diagnostic technology can help physicians determine the root cause of gastrointestinal illness.


Fast, accurate results allows patients (and their partners) to receive treatment sooner.


Quickly identify infectious source (viral, bacterial or yeast) to streamline diagnoses, provide proper treatment and improve women’s health.